Why choose us? Service, Quality & People.

Customer Service & Solution Focused

Here at Rhythm Interior we pride ourselves in being “Solution Focused” – It is the foundation of everything we believe in. The Rhythm team has never encountered a problem or challenge on site that we weren’t able to come up with a solution for. We work closely with the builders and suppliers to ensure any obstacle is overcome, with priority.

As a result of this customer experience focus, our clients keep coming back.


Traditionally, plastering has been known as a “rough trade”. Get the walls and ceilings up as soon as possible and let the other trades that follow make it look pretty. At Rhythm our quality and eye for detail is second to none. Our aim is zero call backs for defects from our clients, always striving for excellence. Our pride and passion for what we do means we are consistently providing and handing over quality work to our clients time and time again. Plastering doesn’t have to be messy, and with us, it isn’t!

The Team

Our team has a unique combination of skills that means we always meet our clients’ requirements, project deadlines and scope within budget, on time and often exceeding their expectations. We understand our team is the foundation of our business, selecting and surrounding ourselves with top quality tradesman and all-around great human beings. Our clients frequently compliment how delightful it is working with our team on site. Our solution focused attitude along with the skill and passion displayed by our Director and team members help us to build long lasting relationships with our suppliers.

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